How to Add User?

Any number of user's can be added in ChequePRO.

1. From Quick Menu, click on User button

2. To add a new user, click on the ADD NEW USER button.

3. Assign a User Name and Password:
* Enter the name of the person in the user name field.
* Assign a password : first in the Password field and then in the Confirm Password field.
* Select the companies the user will have access to.

* Alternatively you can click on the check box SELECT ALL COMPANIES if the user is intended to have access
to all added companies.

4. Press the ADD button to add the user. If all information is correct and validated successfully, the following mesagge will
appear folowing with a screen to set rights for the newly added user.

5. Set the user rights for the newly added user, either select specific rights based on your requirement or click on checkbox
SELECT ALL RIGHTS to assign all the rights to the user.

6. Click on UPDATE button to save the user right settings.

7. If all information is correct and validated successfully. The following message will prompt.

However, the number of users that can access ChequePRO at one time (concurrently) depends on the number of licenses purchased..

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