Maintenance - How to Cancel Cheque/Check?

If users need to cancel out a cheque, a valid reason should be provided and approved. Cancelling a cheque only changes the amount of the transaction to zero, but still keeps a record of the transaction within the system.

1. From the Maintenance Group (Admin Module), choose Cancel Cheque.

2.   Users have two options to locate the record of the cheque to be cancelled: Search by Bank Account, Cheque No Range and/or Company Name; or scroll through the table.
3. Click once on the record to be cancelled. The details will be shown on the fields at the bottom of the window.
4. Check the Cancel Selected Cheque box and key in the approved reason to cancel at the Remarks field.
5. Click Cancel Selected Cheque Button.

6. Click Yes for confirmation.

7. Click OK.

8. Now users will see Description & Status are changed to "Cancelled" and Amount become "0".

9. Click Close to exit.

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