How to do Batch Printing?

To make the cheque issuance processing easier, users can import multiple transactions in batches. Payments through the same bank account go together.

1. From the Maintenance Menu, choose Batch Printing: or choose Batch form the shortcut icons under the Transaction Group.

2. Select the Bank Account to be used to issue the cheque.
3. Under the Default Description, key in the description or code to identify the batch. Click Import.

4. Locate your table of cheques to issue.
Users should follow the same format as in C:\Program Files\Advanced And Best Technologies Pte Ltd\ChequePRO\Support\sample import file.xls.

5. Once your listing is uploaded, select Print to print the individual cheques one after another. Users can press Skip if something is wrong with the cheque details.

6. Click OK to print payment vouchers in one go.

6. Staus column will show Printed/Skipped for the action taken. Click Cancel/Close to exit. 


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