What functions does Quick Setup Wizard Perform?

ChequePRO trial installation comes with Demo Company setup. The Demo company enables the user to explorer the rich features of
ChequePRO as well as try out the printing setting for their particular bank cheque.

ChequePRO is intelligently designed tool that enables user from any country to use the application, The Cheque Alignment engine helps
user to configure the cheque dimensions as desired. To ease this process the cheque templates are available for a lot of banks from 
different companies. The database of these cheque templates grows on daily basis; with active sharing from the ChequePRO community.

If the user prefers to create a new company apart from a demo company, they can do that either by the normal way or to ease this
process an Quick Wizard is created.

Once Logged in go to Maintenance option on the main menu and click on Quick Wizard.
{Default Username: admin  Default Password: admin}


This Wizard is designed to create new company with user account and bank details in one single form, which will
make ChequePRO up and running within a minute or 2.




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