Quick Setup Wizard Guide?

This Wizard is designed to create new company with user account and bank details in one single form,
which will make ChequePRO up and running within a minute or 2.

Once Logged in go to Maintenance option on the main menu and click on Quick Company Wizard.
{Default Username: admin Default Password: admin}

The user will need to enter the information as the screen below.

01. Enter the company name
02. Enter the desired user name
03. Enter the desired password and confirm password.

04. Select the country name of your bank
05. Enter the bank code {usually a shorter name of the bank}
06. Enter the bank name.
07. Enter the bank Account number
08. Select the cheque range, either can be open meaning a cheque number is to be entered when-ever
a cheque is to be issued, Or enter the cheque number range from your cheque book provided by the
bank {The Cheque range can be changed at a later stage if required}.

And click in CREATE button. Upon successfully completing the quick setup wizard, the login screen will
appear with newly added information.


Upon successful log in, the user can see the bank account activated on the left panel {Active Bank
Accounts}.  Click on the bank and start issuing cheques.