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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How easy is ChequePRO to use?

A. ChequePRO is designed to be the most user friendly Program which can be used by any individual who has basic computer knowledge. 

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Q. Is it suitable for my organization?

A. ChequePRO is used by a single owner company to Corporations, Banks, Auditing Firms, Embassies, etc. its useful across the vertical market, any company can take advantage of ChequePRO Solution.

Q. We have many different bank accounts. Can the system cope with this?

A. Yes, ChequePRO supports multiple bank accounts, irrespective of country or currency. User can choose pre defined banks or create there own.

Q. Does ChequePRO print the ChequePaper?

A. No, ChequePRO prints over the bank Cheque / Check's. It does not print Cheque / Check paper. User inserts the bank Cheque / Check leaf into the normal printer and prints from ChequePRO program.

Q. Does ChequePRO has pre defined settings for every Bank Cheque / Check available

A. The Cheque / Check dimension and other alignment are predefined for more than 200  bank Cheque / Check from various countries. ChequePRO has a Cheque / Check alignment engine enabling users to define there own settings.

Q. Can I try ChequePRO before purchasing it?

A. Yes, please click on download link and see how ChequePRO will be an advantage to your organization's payment management needs.

Q. What is the current version of ChequePRO?

A. The current version of ChequePRO is 7.0.3

Q. Does ChequePRO supports Batch Printing?

A. Yes ChequePRO supports batch printing BATCH PRINTING of multiple Cheque's in one go. Import Data from predefined spread sheet.

Q. Can we view the reports generated from ChequePRO?

A. Yes ChequePRO has variety of reports, Instantly check for a cheque details, deposit details, payment voucher details or any other information. These information's are strategically stored in database so that a simple search can generate the required information instantly.

Q. Is ChequePRO an accounting system?

A. No ChequePRO is not a Accounting Package, but its an compliment to any accounting package.

Q. What support we receive when we purchase ChequePRO?

A. ChequePRO comes with 6 months free email support, additional support can be purchased at any time.



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