ChequePRO is a cheque / check writing {Printing} software program helps you to write on any bank cheque / check, and manage your customer & bank information pro actively. ChequePRO can print all the cheque / check elements; include Payee, Date, Amount, A/C Payee Only, Bearer, etc. and helps you write your cheque / check in the easiest and most accurate way. The program’s graphical user interface (GUI) is visually pleasant and you can set up multiple bank accounts.

cheque / check's can be printed neatly with your existing printer {ChequePRO supports different types of printers, Laser, Inkjet, and Dot-Matrix printers.}. It automatically converts numbers to words, Its Typo error and tamper proof feature makes spelling mistakes and differences in amount and amount in words that will result in cheque / check being returned eliminated. The payee’s name and other details are automatically stored once a cheque / check is issued and can be retrieve easily {Bank Account Management}.

The batch printing function is a convenient tool which allow you to import cheque / check info from a predefined spreadsheet and print a series of cheque / check in batch mode.

ChequePRO has 3 different editions to suit the requirements for most of the companies, the different editions are carefully divided with selective features to facilitate the end user in making an informed decision while purchasing the product. The editions currently available are Lite, Professional and Enterprise. A complete comparison matrix is available.

Following are the major features for ChequePRO: 

Cheque / Check Writing: ChequePRO writes on any bank cheque / check directly to any printer. Multiple bank accounts can be created and managed.
Cheque Alignment: ChequePRO has a built in cheque / check alignment engine, cheque / check Image can be imported as well as all the parameters can be edited.

Payment Voucher: feature helps you to print payment vouchers directly to a printer on an ordinary A4 size paper. Saves Clients and payments information to a secure database
Withdrawals: Record withdrawals not involving cheque / check's like GIRO, Telegraphic Transfer and Demand Draft transactions.

Deposits: ChequePRO will be of an additional advantage as it can take in all this. (i.e. your company’s AP /
AR transactions) to effectively know your bank balance.
Reconciliation: Reconcile issued cheque / check's and deposited collections with the bank statement. View respective reconciliation reports.

Management Reports: Instantly check for a cheque / check details, deposit details, payment voucher details or any other information. These information's are strategically stored in database so that a simple search can generate the required information instantly.
Admin Management
: Provides a higher level of control. Under Admin Management companies, users, bank accounts can be created as well as management of cheque / check's, deposits and bank balance is available.

Export Reports: Export reports to Adobe, Excel, Word etc for your meetings or presentations or general financial review for any particular client or vendor or bank.
Backup & Imports
:  Robust backup feature ensure business continuity. Easy Import features reducing monotonous input of data.

Batch Printing: Import multiple cheque / check's information to be printed using a pre-defined spreadsheet format containing - Date, payee Name, Amount, Description.
Multiple Company's
: Multiple companies can be added to the system, enabling maintenance of respective bank accounts and others details as well as respective username /password can be created.



ChequePRO does not print a MICR line, so we suggest you
buy / get cheque / check stock with a pre–printed MICR from
your bank {or printer in some countries}.

Quick Features:

Print on any bank cheque / check
directly to any printer.
Convert Number to words

Saves payee's name and
other details automatically

Typo Error and Tamper proof
Eliminates returned cheque / check's

Choose between Bearer or
Account Payee cheque / check

Supports Multiple printer types
Laser, Inkjet, Dot Matrix, etc.

cheque / check Alignment Engine
Enabling unlimited cheque / check types

Purchase Options:


Maintenance Plan

License Upgrade


Feature Comparison



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